March Madness FTW

During March break of 2016, Young Diplomats hosted March Madness at Our Lady of Lourdes School.

The Sisterhood held free beginners hip-hop dance classes the first two days that were led by instructor Eden Amare. The dance classes were accompanied by open discussions on self-esteem and confidence facilitated by the Sisterhood leaders.

The Brotherhood held a basketball tournament over the last three days of March Madness. Each day of the tournament began with discussions on the different roles the youth take on in their daily lives and was facilitated by the Brotherhood leaders. On the last day, guest speaker Hussein Abdullahi joined the discussion on roles and shared his experiences playing the role of a post secondary student athlete.

Congratulations to the Brotherhood basketball tournament winners: Amir Mohammed, Mahir Zuber, Yasir Zuber, Anwar Abdurhman, Sayid Beyan.

March Madness was a success. Thank you to all who came out!

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